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Lose Yourself // Reasons Red 7"

Image of Lose Yourself // Reasons Red 7"

$10.00 - On Sale

Lose Yourself / Reasons Red 7inch is the follow up release to Stay Solo / Am Green Swirl 7"

Emerging from Melbourne’s fertile independent underground scene, IOWA's music is a union of contradictions: lo-fi but widescreen, balancing tight-as-a-drum songwriting with expansive solos, hanging sheets of noise on surprisingly hummable hooks. What comes naturally is a sound that draws on the distortion-drenched dynamics of forebears like My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth, but remains very much Iowa’s own.

These recordings have been made with rising super producer Jack Farley, a man who’s had his hands all over just about every great record that’s emerged from Melbourne’s underground scene in the last couple of years, including releases by Beaches Love of Diagrams, St Helens and Spider Vomit. Farley plugged straight into the band’s aesthetic, capturing the sound of the trio in their natural environment playing live and loud with every song recorded start to finish in a few short hours.

NOV 26th 2010 - LTD EDITION RED 7" w/ bonus digital 7inch download with 2 bonus tracks - Also Available on Itunes
A. Lose Yourself
AA. Reasons
Gaps In Conversations